As an 18 year old Kelle Calco moved to NYC to study graphic design at Pratt armed with a sampler, a Juno 106 & an acoustic guitar. He would run around the city collecting records between classes and had a chapter of exploring the underground rave & dance music scene at the time. His roots were in songwriting and his itch to make original material eventually lead to him setting up shop and building a studio in a remote artist community in Massachusetts. His love for music and the dancefloor combined and he began wanting to throw parties and bring the people together with his tasteful collection of tunes. In turn, he had to learn the art of being a DJ. 

Returning to the city with the intent of starting a band, it was a matter of time before he fell back into the nightlife circuit.  His style and love for the art became contagious and after walking into the Royalton Hotel and being approached by someone curious in hotel nightlife who wanted to learn more. This led to one of his first major parties at Hudson Hotel and the rest is history. Kelle grew from spinning bars and lounges in the Lower East Side to prime velvet rope clubs up to five nights a week for the past few years. I had a chance to ask Kelle about how he keeps his energy but he even gets eager on his days off and continues to collect and prepare his music - providing his own style across multiple genres while maintaining his identity. Kelle has been instrumental in New York nightlife and a soft-spoken individual in a scene that can make you lose your hearing. Here’s a mix Kelle did for us at Output Roof this summer that will make you groove to the sunset.