Cache life presents mariana

featuring Costa Tequila x Antes

Launched in 2019 Costa Tequila was born out of the notion that great tequila should not cost a fortune. Their award winning products are the result of hard work, dedication and whole lotta love.

Their team is an impassioned group of individuals on a mission to inspire moments of happiness and purpose. They are “Always Chasing the Sun.” We look forward to sharing in some memorable experiences with them at our upcoming events.


In addition we are featuring ANTES which is a dance party that celebrates funky music from around the world. Come shake your hips to a soundtrack of tasty Afrobeat, Salsa, Samba, Cumbia, Bossa Nova, Highlife, and more. Co-head of Razor-N-Tape and Deep & Disco labels, and all around amazing DJ, JKriv, along with ANTES resident DGRO, will select the tunes to keep you moving.

Event kicks off at 9pm, we also added 3 local upcoming DJ’s Gian-Paul, KATE and CGC to the line-up to make this even more special.

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